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The woman as the future of man?

Is the feminist "fight" still relevant?

In 1950, women in full-time employment received on average two-thirds of men's wages, in 2003 they exceeded 80 %.

The process took place mainly over a period of 20 years (1972-1993) and has been blocked since the mid-1990s.

The size of the gap is still considerable: will we have to wait another 50 years to achieve real parity?

Women remain outside of the highest paid positions of responsibility, often employed for the qualities that are recognised as "natural" (social relations, communication, etc.).

So yes Women I love you, I will try not to confine you to predefined roles, not to lock you in a box.

I'm a feminist, macho sometimes, but I'm taking care of myself.

Anna-Eva, my model, my "muse", thank you for your trust and your investment.

Thanks to Audrey Denomme for her make-up