During a residency at the Albert Londres high school in Cusset, I was able to develop a performance SENTENCES

SENTENCES (A play on words between the English sentence meaning both sentence and condemnation and the French Larousse definition)
1. Literary. A short sentence of general application, a moral precept, a maxim: A speech full of sentences. Synonyms: adage - aphorism ? apophagma - axiom - dictum - maxim - word - thought
2. Decision of an arbitrator or arbitral tribunal.
3. Any judgment (of an authority) of a decisive nature )

I am convinced that there is one or more phrases that remain, that we always remember, that have built us up, destroyed us, that we do with or against... Would you like to offer me one or more phrases?
For example, I already offer you one: "And because you think you're good" I won't give you the context, but believe me, this sentence is engraved.
It is up to you to explain yours or not.
Thank you very much in advance for your trust, confidence. I look forward to reading you. If your sentence is not in French, you can send it in its original language, with a translation so that I can understand it.

The harvest is not over, if you want to be in the next "edition".
You can write to me at this address: