From the stage to the image / Revealer(s)


A whole year with these groups of young people whose destiny has been damaged, whose lives have been turned upside down and down again?

Nearly a hundred of them. They discovered for the first time the Dramatic Art with its constraints, its framework, the stage, the hours of rehearsal, memorization, reflection, concentration, listening, immobility, patience, respect, sharing?

And then throughout these twelve months, there was a discreet look, that of : Fabrice Leroux. The photographer of this human and artistic adventure. We hardly saw him, he stayed for hours with his eye riveted to the camera, patient, discreet, and also a partner.

It is through his eyes that he invites us to share this not always easy journey, with breakdowns, accelerations, doubts, desires to throw everything overboard, but all in the same boat.

These photographs bear witness without any bias other than that of poetry in images.

They lift a small corner of the stage curtain onto the backstage, the offstage, the unseen, the unseen.

These images, which are held up to us like a mirror, sometimes accuse and show in these young people their pure expressiveness, what is so deeply hidden, subtracted by the weight of our preconceptions, our prejudices and our worries.

They draw inspiration from the inexhaustible, unsuspected creativity of these broken, but never broken, young people, sometimes overflowing with too much life, too much pain? too much experience that they could have done without.

Serge Sandor (cie du labyrinthe)

2013 Book publication From the stage to the image / Revealer(s)

N°ISBN: 978-2-7466-5871-4