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Turn up the sound Malou speaks very low....

Malou, a grandmother like the others, like mine? Maybe I'm trying to make up for some lost time, the last few days, when she didn't recognize me any more and when seeing her was too painful for me. Malou is Marie Louise, like my grandmother. 95 years old in a few weeks and hearing her tell me how long time is, up to 80 yes but this is too much....

I who always had the feeling that I would kill myself to get away with it!

Photos are rare, it is rather the time spent with you, dear Malou, that matters, I absolutely wanted to steal nothing from you, to have your consent, to share this "work". I wanted to show you how beautiful old age can be.

Your verdict was final: "who is this woman who wears the same shirt as me, who is ugly", then violent "it's not me" look at me on my wedding day.

The time of splendour? Vanities????