Strength / Fragility

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A video projection on this torso (Fragile ashes body or armour?)

Between force and breakage, holding, tarnishing, doubting, go for it, keep going even submerged.
Between time passes, those who fade away, and the vanity of wanting to give meaning when it's just that.
Between wanting to hold back and letting go.
Between obsolescence and poetry.
Between fear and fascination.

When I say : "Je suis" “I am” verb to be or verb to follow? (French pun)

By being or having been Charlie, Paris, on a terrace, London, Manchester etc.... And not sometimes nothing because it’s too far away, too repeated, too automatic.

This "ghost train", because we like to play at scaring us, because by being informed
in real time, what are we really experiencing, what danger to our empathy?

Are we more sensitive or too protected by our shell?