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Video-Performance & Photography

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Since L’HJan Van Eyck's The Red Turban Man made in 1433, how many self-portraits?

Why should I use it as a support? Like a game, an irony, without narcissism, really? How to define yourself?

Certainly I use the photographic support but not only, here it becomes like a performance, each session taking between an hour and a half and four where I try to be as immobile as possible, and that my body is involved, or even used as a material interests me. A nod to the origins of animation and art history.

While working on the self-portrait I realize that the more I show myself, the less people recognize me.

I Am A Medium is conceived as an installation between video/performance (which is in its first sense a succession of still images) and photographs.

Text Florence Mirol

Fabrice Leroux's latest artworks pass through us, poetic and dazzling.

These artworks swallow us, break with the past or the future.

Sometimes it's about the passage of time, sometimes about the "here and now". As we sometimes swallow words, his art work can catch ours in order to dissolve them in the meanders of decomposition and destruction.

This is about "waiting, forgetting".

As in all transformations, all disappearances, there is the fascination and indomitable time that passes through his works.

It is today through the artist himself that time recovers and puts on his new face I Am A Medium ).

This is an ode to presence, to absence. As the being is swallowed up, hidden, chance does not disappear, the recovery is complete.

This lucid work is to advance out of oneself, to perceive oneself disappearing and appearing, endless.

Fabrice Leroux makes poetry a connection with absence.

There is a revelation to death

Florence Mirol