Residence-mission Mas le Trimaran Zuydcoote

18 March / 6 April 2019

With the support of the DRAC and the ARS Hauts-de-France.

Artistic gestures and mediations

What a pleasure to see curiosities, dialogues and questions emerge.

There were many 'mediations' around my work, especially with professionals, but less so with families

The professionals who remain at a distance when I give a few keys to my work, they may not dare to ask me questions yet, but I feel they are listening.

The professionals who fearlessly walk through the doors of the studio to ask me questions, the families I meet in the corridors where we share a moment, the one who had not seen the works installed.

And so many things that I cannot quantify, an unspeakable that permeates me, and which I hope you also welcome.

There was a lot of back and forth, beautiful, fleeting and moving moments.

The animation of the two expression circles on two consecutive Mondays were beautiful moments, very uneven, but I think it is quite normal, the subjects around time and our passions were not necessarily obvious to express. But beautiful things came out of it, not only verbally but also through laughter and smiles. We were also able to talk about tension, especially between Jean-Charles and Maryvonne (not sure of the spelling).

Hearing the laughter of C* who used to avoid me as soon as I tried to talk to him and who since yesterday has been looking me in the eye, hanging around the works of art that I have installed in the reception hall.

The surprise of seeing P* enter the workshop and feeling curious about the hourglass, which he will return to see in the afternoon of the exhibition.

But also the very regular presence of É* and S* who never stopped following my experiences. To the point of asking to help me. I will make them participate in a layer of glue for the clock in ashes (difficult to make them do more, it is very dirty and dusty) but that will not prevent them from coming to watch almost every day how I work. Especially É* who stayed for hours to watch me making the time-lapse clocks.

J* has been very curious since the expression circles and has come to the workshop several times. I had him "prepare" cement and mortar for the building circles.

A* couldn't be there on the morning of the handover, but I was able to give him a private visit a little later, as a special moment (Alain doesn't like the group very much, so I found him outside my studio smoking a cigarette)

C*, who can't stand still, turns the hourglass around once more and seems to be hypnotised for a while. He often asks me: "What's the point? He will also visit the workshop very regularly.

Very special moments with A* and B* who I feel sad about my departure.

* The people will be named by a letter for the sake of anonymity, even if today for me they are no longer anonymous.