Residence-mission Mas le Trimaran Zuydcoote

18 March / 6 April 2019

With the support of the DRAC and the ARS Hauts-de-France.

A time of restitution, a time of emotions



10.45 am: the blackout curtain is installed to allow better observation of the video-projections, and to offer a more "theatrical" aspect.

Change of costume, bare feet on the heated floor, this simple difference already brings a different look.

The residents arrive, the hall fills up. The waiting begins, the work of time begins.

Patience / impatience.

It was really difficult to keep the mystery alive, especially among the residents, a small circle had formed around me during this residency. They wanted so much to help me, or to be there, curious about everything, with very variable attention spans, there were many back and forths, beautiful fleeting and moving moments. I must admit that I have stage fright, I couldn't rehearse in the space, the jump into the unpredictable is about to begin.

How will they react to my proposal?

Trying to interact, questioning them about the purpose of my presence.

M* reacts immediately: "to connect us".

I also get a few worried looks as I leave, no one likes a goodbye.

I am writing these words a few hours after this "performance" and already this moment is a bit of a blur.

I know that I didn't do everything I had prepared, that some things escaped me, and maybe so much the better, the idea certainly not being to perform. A small experimental and sensory laboratory. Not having explained everything, letting curiosity and imagination do the rest.

A* couldn't be there this morning, but I was able to give him a private visit a little later, as a special moment (A* doesn't like the band very much, I found him "by chance" in front of my studio smoking a cigarette)

I am writing this text in the hall where the installation remains for the afternoon. C*, who can't stand still, turns the hourglass around once more and seems hypnotized for a while. But it?s not so easy to write with all these solicitations, I will resume later.

Here are some excerpts from the time experiments:

Time-lapse excerpt following my call for professionals to bring in time-measuring objects.

Erosion, an attempt to accelerate the erosion of a concrete slab, with the help of the sky.

Capillarity: Metaphor of the impregnation during this residency.


Living in the present, not forgetting your past, building your future.

Fabrice Leroux