Residence-mission Mas le Trimaran Zuydcoote

18 March / 6 April 2019

With the support of the DRAC and the ARS Hauts-de-France.

From the beginning I felt that this residency would end with a performance, certainly for a physical and "textual" involvement, a return to the source?

And yet my first gestures seem so small, almost insignificant, after these first days so well framed so that I can meet as many people as possible. It is the informal that sets the tone.

What a pleasure to see curiosities, dialogues and questions emerge.

To hear the laughter of C* who avoided me as soon as I tried to talk to him and who since yesterday has been looking me in the eye, hanging around the works of art that I have installed in the reception hall.

Those who remain at a distance when I give a few keys to my work, perhaps they don't dare to ask me questions yet, but I feel they are listening.

The ones who fearlessly walk through the doors of the studio to ask me questions, the families I meet in the corridors where we share a moment.

And so many things that I cannot quantify, an unspeakable that permeates me, and which I hope you also welcome.

Sowing, swarming, playing, experimenting with small things.

(small quotations about the weather will be placed throughout the SAM in a more or less visible way)

By chance I found a normographer in the Mas (Maison d'Accueil Spécialisée, to say that at the beginning I didn't understand why they didn't say the mas as in the south of France from where I arrived).


To change my rhythm, to constrain myself I will use it


Example of the capillarity experiment


Basic principle :

- Two materials: a paper and a cotton thread, both dipped in coloured water.

Will they be impregnated and how long will it take?

Metaphor of the impregnation during this residence of all the actors: the residents, the professionals, the families?

First results: the cotton thread seems to be impermeable for the moment (something I had not imagined at all) whereas one can see the words collected in the morning are quickly "infused".

Preparing the visual for the playback time.