Residence CHB 2020

Within the framework of the Culture-Santé project (thanks to the support of the Ars and the Drac Hauts de France in order to promote access to art and culture for all audiences in hospitals), the Duchenne Hospital will welcome an artist within its walls for eight weeks.
Fabrice Leroux, visual artist, will be present from 3 February to 27 March 2020.

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What a pleasure to see curiosities, dialogues and questions emerge.
There were many 'mediations' around my work, especially with professionals, but less so with families
The professionals who remain at a distance when I give a few keys to my work, they may not dare to ask me questions yet, but I feel they are listening.

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The residents arrive, the hall fills up. The waiting begins, the work of time begins.
Patience / impatience.
It was really difficult to keep the mystery alive, especially among the residents, a small circle had formed around me during this residency. They wanted so much to help me, or to be there, curious about everything, with very variable attention spans, there were many back and forths, beautiful fleeting and moving moments. I must admit that I have stage fright, I couldn't rehearse in the space, the jump into the unpredictable is about to begin.
How will they react to my proposal?

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From the beginning I felt that this residency would end with a performance, certainly for a physical and "textual" involvement, a return to the source?
And yet my first gestures seem so small, almost insignificant, after these first days so well framed so that I can meet as many people as possible. It is the informal that sets the tone.

Restructuring Attempts

Tentatives de Restructuration Sortie de Résidence / Exhibition. Chapelle St Sulpice. Istres July-August...