Résidence à la MAS le Trimaran Zuydcoote page4

What a pleasure to see curiosities, dialogues, questions emerging.
Les « médiations » autour de mon travail furent nombreuses, surtout avec les professionnels, mais moins des familles
The professionals who stay away when I give a few keys around my work, they may not dare to ask me questions yet but I feel the listening.

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The residents arrive, the lobby fills up. The waiting begins, the work of time begins.
Patience / impatience.
It was really difficult to keep the mystery alive, especially among the residents, a small circle had formed around me during this residence. They wanted to help me so much, or be curious about everything, with very variable attention times, there were many round trips, beautiful fleeting and moving moments. I admit I'm nervous, I couldn't rehearse in space, the jump into the unpredictable is about to start.
How will they react to my proposal?

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Depuis le début je pressens que cette résidence se clôturera par une performance, certainement pour une implication physique et « textuelle » un retour au source ?
And yet my first gestures seem so small, almost insignificant, after these first few days so well defined that I can meet as many people as possible.

Fabrice Leroux